Windy Corner

Rehearsal cottage in Amsterdam
More pictures and background.

Windy Corner was a Dutch popgroup that used to play Folk Psych music in the seventies. The group made two records. The first is very rare but the second is still available:

All songs from these albums have been composed and performed by Windy Corner. The recordings have been taken during live performances of Windy Corner in the rehearsal cottage of the band in Amsterdam (pictures and background, location and pictures).

Score and samples of later work:

Windy Corner consisted of:

Robby Morgen (1949-2007)
guitar, vocals
Robby passed away unexpectedly
November 2nd 2007 in Yogyakarta.

Cees van Weegberg (drums)

Wim Steevels (bass guitar, vocals)

Wim Vree (organ, guitar, vocals)