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Some of my guitar compositions with complete score. The bass lines are composed by Wim Steevels.
An indicator in the score moves synchronized with the music.
The music is rendered from score by a synthesizer, except where marked as live recording.
You can click anywhere in the score to start play back from that point.
In the left upper corner three buttons control pausing and flipping pages.

Tango in D minor
Rijswijk Impressie
7 Stare
Light and Darkness (complete)
Light and Darkness (same with real time synthesis)
Light and Darkness (fragment 1, live recording)
Light and Darkness (fragment 2, live recording)
Palace of Twelve Phases (fragment)
Palace of Twelve Phases (fragment, live recording)
Heaped Together (fragment, live recording)

You can download the software which makes these webpages here.