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Wim & Wim

The following links are short samples of later composition by two of the Windy Corner members.
The samples are low quality 64 kbit/sec MP3 files, created by rendering MIDI versions of the compositions.
They are not recordings of live performances of Windy Corner

With the exception of Light and Darkness (1970) and Wind is Blowing (1972), the music is composed between 1983 and 2002 by Wim Vree (guitar, main song composer) and Wim Steevels (all bass lines).

Backgroundplay sample 24 sec
Blues from "Light and Darkness"play sample 57 sec album Lost Garden
La Dentellièreplay sample 33 sec
Performer Boogyplay sample 33 sec
7 Stareplay sample 59 sec
Wind is Blowingplay sample 51 sec album The House at Windy Corner
Floating Melodyplay sample 57 sec
Rijswijk impressionsplay sample 50 sec complete score and keyscape analysis
Geneva Old Styleplay sample 52 sec