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Windy Corner music with synchronous display of the score

On this page you can compare some fragments of the two LP's of Windy Corner with a rendition of the music score by a synthesizer.

The real performance, taken from the two LP's of Windy Corner. A rendition of the same fragment by a synthesizer.
Light and Darkness fragment (main theme)
automatically synchronized to score in the browser!!
Light and Darkness complete
real time synthesis in the browser
and keyscape analysis
Light and Darkness fragment (blues theme) Light and Darkness fragment (blues theme at measure 133)
Palace of 12 Phases fragment Palace of 12 Phases fragment
Staring Face fragment
Audio automatically synchronized to score
Staring Face fragment

While the music plays you can click anywhere in the score to resume playback from that point. You can also turn pages backwards and forwards.

The score has been written down more than 3 decades after the live recording. Inevitably, there are quite a number of discrepancies between score and live performance. Some of these are due to the nature of musical score, which simply cannot capture many aspects of real music. Others are deliberate deviations by the author (WV) when he wrote down the score either beacause he imagined to know better or just gave up on inaudible notes or irreproducible rhythms.

More examples of score with synthesized music are these compositions by Wim Vree and Wim Steevels.

You can download the software which makes these webpages here.